Monday, September 26, 2011

The Secret

Published on Sunday, December 20, 2009..reposted on a friends' req :)

I read a book yesterday-“ The Secret”. Seeing the cover page I thought it as fiction stuff but to the contrast it was a self-help book. Again it made me wonder thinking how funny people can be to buy these type readings which can only offer some trash impractical advices that we can hardly follow in our daily life.
As i was bored and left with nothing other than a 3 time read Femina I started glancing over the pages.
I won’t say it as exceptional but it was truly interesting. It was written by Rhonda Byrne.
(Later I googled and found out that it is one of the ever time best sellers and there is also a movie based on it)
“The Secret is a book, that presents what is claimed to be a centuries-old idea, the
Pseudo-scientific Law of Attraction, which means the power of an individual's positive thinking to change and influence outcomes in their lives. The book claims that by using the "Laws of Attraction", an individual can become wealthier, healthier, and happier. The book claims that the secrets outlined in the book have been known by famous and influential people for centuries, but that they have conspired to keep these secrets hidden from the general public for their own benefit”

It started with few quotes asking, what makes successful n unsuccessful people different. For me, it was circumstances/opportunities. I had no doubt on this as I have given so much thought into a similar question - why someone is destined to breathe life in sorrow while someone is not. For me, it is simply based on the situations we are into. Some by birth, some by accident…
This book made me think it in another light, like making me view everything in a different angle. Though it cannot be called as panacea (too early to decide), it did give me a hope...

It is not just about thinking positive. More than thinking positive it is an insight on how to really apply this practically .And some are really worth practicing. It is about changing the direction of our future or creating future with our mind power.
When we think something, we are actually creating it. I am not going into in-depth coz it is a known concept to everyone.

I want to share some positive moves which did work for me.

When you wake up, think strongly that this day is going to be perfect. Whatever you are thinking, think in positive terms. I stress positive "TERMS” .ie, If I want to loose weight ,never think that I will trim down my weight; think that I will slim down .
Think about what you want to be and not what you don’t want to be.(Confused!??!). It is such a simple concept; it’s a simple mind game. Only think on what you wish to happen.
Only when we try to avoid we realise how much negatives we use a day.
When we avoid those negative words we are avoiding negative thoughts, when we are avoiding negative thoughts we are avoiding negative incidents from happening. Every activity in this world is triggered by mind/thoughts .So control those triggers.
When we think or act we are creating and sending a frequency, if it is negative it will attract more negative energy while if it is positive it will attract more positive things to our life.

I tried to apply this and sometimes I took more than 5 minutes to get a proper replacement word that gives me the meaning I want(without being a negative) .We are so much in grilled into some words that we have never given a thought of an alternative. It is good when we think or talk to our self.

Before going to bed, do a recap on the day and replay the scenes or situations in the way you actually wanted it to be. Make our frequency into full positive .Create an image of your next day, in complete order, sketch it in the perfect way you want it. This makes your sleep calm n quite.

Just try it for 2 days strictly and you will be truly amazed by the result.

The three steps all should follow according to the book is to
ASK-Understand & ask the universe what you want
BELIEVE-Believe that it is on the way and think about receiving it. It is a sort of tricking yourself to believe

Earlier my strategy was:
Don’t get too much worried about anything, it won’t help anyway.
When there is an issue, think of alternatives or solutions. Reasons should be probed after giving the first aid.

Now, I think it is good if I can avoid that problem itself by just keeping all the worries out. That’s much better.

I found loads of comments about this book/concept. Some believed it fully, some have criticized it ruthlessly. I opt to stand in the middle. I got an Indian approach; everything got its own good n bad. Just take the good one and avoid the appalling…We have the ability to discrete.Blind followers will never be right because they will always be blind. So take what you think as good and just discard the rest.

I don’t want to write a lot on this coz the subject is vast and its vicinity stretch to beliefs, myths, art of meditation, power of concentration etc of which I am clueless just like you. I have promised to myself that I won’t write anything in this blog which I haven’t personally experienced or felt for. ..

I tried out some tips from this book ,like trying to keep a positive note and felt really good…When I googled and read those comments I got confused. .But still I feel everyone should give a try..coz it really makes you feel good(i dont know what else to say)...

It doesn’t harm anyway…

Try ..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from home

Hey ,I am back from home...

Back from home or back to home... Too often my FB status shifted between these two that finally none of my friends bothered to comment or like..;( but for me its always a double like...:)
Bus reached late and i was too happy to finally have a genuine reason to take leave ;)
With a book in one hand and remote in other hand i am winding up this afternoon ...

Ye it reminds me that i am back from the safe cocoon of my home and watching all these nonsense happening in our " great" nation.

i am feeling so bad that i am in a corrupted and timid world where everyone waits for another to act and react...why we all are taught to be scared???...i really wish for a change, like many...

Atleast we should have the courage to speak what we beleive even if we cant go to the extend of strike and protest like Anna Hazare...Today whole nation making a big cry over Anna Hazare; media celebrating it with live telecasts- dramtic protests and reactions...i already got dozens of mails from different social activit's communities asking to vote /sign/join different demonstarions....

But tomorrow the same media will hype some cheap bollywood gossips in the same way and we, people will be busy with our own life to bother what happend yesterday...
I think we are taught too much to adjust ,that we are getting used to every sort of stupidity ..we ve learned to move on wih our lives untouched by what 's happening around us..

With our eyes closed why should we shout for a change?

As the famous saying goes " we should be the chanage that we wish to see"...If we all express ourselves truely and stand for what we belive rather than too much compromising we can build a better world to live in...
Let the people protest and demonstarte , the ones like me who dont have the opportunity or situation for that can bring in changes in our own small small ways ...
Do something to bring hopes to our fellow beings ...

All this faking should go...All this timidness should go...we should guard our own self respect,ethics and courage to fight for what we believe...Then only the true change happens....
Blated Happy Independence Day!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Created Aug 15, 2011 8:08:47 PM

It was truly one of the most interesting day in my life...not Aug 15 but few days before.. I finally found out why I couldn't memorise the poems or quotes i like...

I understood why I always drew road maps to friends who asked for direction rather than explaining verbally...and why I prefer to recollect things as images to words....
I am a Right brained human !!! :) ..

My dear roomies, this was why I am extra careless n disorganized ;) ..actually I felt so relieved , science does solved many years of my confusion that asked " why I am like diz?" though not 100% hehe....
I do remember my friend's comment " don't attribute your laziness to poor right brain ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What can frustration do to you???

We all get frustrated for different things at different times in different situations... Reasons can vary from the pathetic administration of our government to the peer pressure that demands us to stretch over our limits can be a traffic block,bad mouthed friend,boring job,limited income,family pressure or a small fight with your partner... Basically it is how we all react to helplessness...when we feel stuck, we are frustrated...:(
And the result it creates is more worse .. Headache, bad temper, distorted biased decisions,feeling useless n worthless,unhealthy eating habits which can also be expensive to your pocket,unable to concentrate nor able to find anything good about what you are doing... A total "meaningless"attitude will creep in your brain, heart and finally to your will first make you angry, then sad, then confused and finally distant towards reality...
Is it good?but I can say frustration is good only for those few who can turn it into positive action or else it is depressingly negative...
I went through so many articles which claimed to help controlling frustration but to be very frank It was simply waste of my time. It suggested methods on how to escape or make us blind towards something we wanna shout listening to music , speaking to your friends or sleep..!!! So I genuinely started thinking of options other than escapism...n don't read further if you expect me to give an answer.. I m not... First ofcourse I tried escapism but it simply asked me to forget what worries me n finally I ended up forgetting who I am!!! So plz don't go for it... Next I tried reading philosophical books which claimed to give answers but I was simply more I ended up following a method of expressing my frustration in simple writing comments , blog or reacting loud when I ought to rather than trying to be blind...I decided to keep a small journal to list of positive things I did and it did worked for me... I can't change the world and it's bad things myself so I simply changed grumbling how bad the world is... I wish to do what my little hands could do and what my small position in this world could carry...I simply don't wanna regret thinking I missed doing something worth coz I was confused or unprepared.... :) this is my way and ofcourse it all depends on how much you can contribute to the betterment of the world we live in...and plz Dnt Choose to be blind ... U might be called as sweet n innocent by your family n friends if you remain silent n smiling but dont u feel unworthy?????

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today I got one more request… Google Plus…Another social networking site!!!!!!
It is introduced by Google and reported to have more exciting features and applications than our favorite Facebook ….Its predicted by many to beat the popularity of FB in the coming days …I might have doubted this prediction but I remember how me n my friends said “ FB is stupid ,100% non user friendly and boring”… And now all these people who showered negative comments including me are checking FB every hour or sometimes even more..;)
So who can say what we gonna like next!!! 

Ye, I joined ;)…Once upon a time I liked our old Orkut, now I am a humble fan of FB and tomorrow ..?… …changes of interest do happens, u know…he he…So let us wait n see…

As all of you might have thought, I too always think ‘what makes FB so popular n addictive ?’.There is a movie based on the true story about how FB happened… and that movie was really nice …It’s truly said, FB satisfy our interest to know what’s happening in the lives of people whom we know…;)

Is it the only reason? Of course no.…One of my friend was saying he moved to FB coz he get more comments for his pics in FB than Orkut!! So is it the quick comments we get for our actions one of the reason? Or are we people forgetting to appreciate our friends/family/collegues face to face …finally making people crave for attention and appreciation??

Or are we considering Facebook as a stage to showcase how much happy/ successful /enviable we are?

The most positive aspect of FB which I like the most is, it makes my favorite good bye note - “Keep in touch” – as something easy to promise 

All these or might be more, can be the reason we like FB …But I truly believe these sites helps ourselves to realize the importance of appreciating and encouraging our friends …the basic theory that we get what we give …. To open up our expressions and opinions as funny comments at least… And finally to develop a feeling as a closely knit community , which I believe as the super choice rather than keeping a list of old friends n new friends , ex colleagues n colleagues, family n relatives which we always forget to contact !

So don’t think twice before pressing the “Like” button to something you like or to comment something which we feel like expressing loud…It really makes one person smile and that smile you can be assured to get back one day 

Saturday, July 23, 2011



As usual I ve decided to blog everyday..Hope this time I ll stick to my decision…

11 am..Saturday…

I am still in my sleepy shrug trying hard not to fully wake up ;)..Sleeping is such a beautiful state and that too in mornings…I love sleeping and for me waking up is always a big mess, be it 5 in the morning or 12 in the afternoon….;)
oh I gota go..will finish this in the evening…

6 39 pm….one thing I love about the place I stay, is this big balcony..just now I came back from temple and glad that this cool wind adding to my peaceful feel..:)…Sun just disappeared and what left is only a golden glow with yellowish red layer…Even that could lit up our small earth and our big life…;)
It was raining from morning …rain is like a magic , I always wonder how can such a 100% scientifically explained process can look this much mysterious and mystical…might be the beauty and fury make us forget facts..he he

Here all thinks of rain as a mess …From the time I can remember the only thing that I hate about rain is I ve to carry an umbrella…It can be my mom or my friend , but I am sure and used to get scolding for forgetting it , very often ;)..

I ve read so much about how a person feel when he/she is moved to a city from the safe cocoon of home …I should agree, it is very much true…not everything applicable to all but still the confused feel of being in a place which is strange and far, still our own…where we try to make the best out of ourselves…where we feel like the place to prove…but with a feeling that someday we gonna miss this life which we still cant identify as good or bad ..Somehow accepting the fact that we are away from where we should or ought to be…But still clinging coz we love it…confused? No wonder! Me too…Anyway I am not gonna edit n rewrite..coz that’s exactly what I feel ;)

Its now almost 2 years that I started living in this city…sometimes I love this hurry mode and sometimes I long for a slow paced world…As I read somewhere we all are stuck in two worlds…Almost everything you hate is what basically you love the most…except food ;)

I ve seen many people falling into negative pits of thoughts just bcoz they got tooo much confused…I don’t want you or me in that…;)…
So only thing we can do is to smile and face the life, with no regret … if you ever felt like you are a mistake and started the habit of too much regretting…just stop n think..As we all believe, someone up there ve decided everything and we are just dice with which he play games…(It is always good to ve someone to blame ;) he he )

Now it’s totally dark except the light from my lappy…so let me too wind up for today and get my hot yummy soup dinner ;) oh! I forgot to update…That’s my new diet secret recipe!! ;)
Goodnight 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seasons we?

Seasons we?

It's a caption of a Malayalam movie and somehow it hit a code somewhere in my heart....
When I started writing this blog my heart and thoughts belonged to a completely different person and I am far from that girl who crazily loved rain n books..though these two still comes first in my favorite list....As a routine I carry a book in my bag but sometimes I even forget which book or it's presence...nowadays I never sit n watch rain coz now I feel cozy to slip under my blanket n sleep when it rain ... My friend get excited seeing the rain n shout in surprise how can i not enjoy it in the way i used to....Sometimes I think I m slipping away from myself ;sometimes I think I m being more's not confusing as I imagined to change choices coz time do it for you...

I always used to talk excitedly to my friends about reunion n alumini meet and now when it really happend I opted not to,I can always blame my friends who are not turning up due to many unavoidable reasons still I am not feeling the sadness that I expected to feel...
I was in a beautiful calm place where each day was memorable enough to write a story...there too I had some nice friends and like everyone's college story goes it was the most exciting n memorable days... As it turned out, only very very few showed up n somehow I didn't felt that guilt of not going...